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Brett Wilson has a new scam of offering his services as a web site service and says he has nothing to do EveryContractor but his new literature is an example letter forwarded from guess who...David Johnson at EveryContractor. When I told him I was sending a letter to all the branches of the National Home Builders to make sure all builders knew what he was doing he threatened my life and again acknowledge that he could have done that when he called with his latest web provider scam.

Everyone please take the time and make sure your charter of the Home Builders Associations knows about these Scam Artists they are crooks!

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Yes, they stole my domain name and held it hostage for $99 a year when you can renew a domain name for $10 a year from numerous legitimate providers. I finally told them I won't pay them another nickel and they can incinerate the domain name for all I care.

I then bought up all the similar domain names for $10 each and will use them. they are vile scammers.

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