I signed up with Every Contractor about 3 months ago as a "Preferred Contractor." It cost me 3 thousand but they guaranteed that I would win at least 50 thousand dollars in jobs. When they first pitched me I found the whole thing a little hard to believe.

But, I had them forward me a copy of the contract and it stated that if they did not generate at least 50 thousand in contracted work that I could request a refund. The catch is that they have 12 months in which to give you the work.

I was in the program for 2 full months and had not received one lead. And then I received a call from them and they said the had a job that matched my business profile. They asked if I wanted to accept the job, I said yes, and they put the customer on the phone with me within a few minutes.

Long story short, I met the customer, gave her my estimate (remodel), and then heard nothing for 3 days.

When I called Every Contractor they had me fax then a copy of the estimate. 3 more days went by and I heard nothing. Then I got a call from Every Contractor stating that the customer was ready to move forward. I completed the job and was paid a little of 15 thousand.

So, not quite 50 thousand but in all fairness they still have 9 months to go.

I am optimistic and will post here again with more comments.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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arent you on the payroll to do P.R. work for them ya i think so


I am compiling information to start a class action lawsuit against EveryContractor.com. If you are interested, please send me an email KEQ2@aol.com

Zheleznodorozhnyy, Irkutsk, Russian Federation #45449

It was over a month before I got my first job. Since then I have got steady calls from them and have done 3 jobs.

If it keeps up the way it has been going I should end up with around one-hundred and fifty thousand dollars of work. I'm not sure what some of the others are saying that they are a scam or a rip-off.

I guess it's like anything else. You'll always have people that are not happy.

Zheleznodorozhnyy, Irkutsk, Russian Federation #45406

I can relate. When I first signed up I did not see my first job until the end of the 1st month.

I have now signed up 3 times in a row and have seen an average of 115K in won business each time. They only guaranteed me 60K each time.

I think they guarantee you 60K in work knowing that they will get you more. That way when they call you to renew at the end of 12 months they use that as ammunition to get you to spend more.

I only spend 4K with them each time. Not bad 'cuz my profit is around 45%.

So I spend 4 thou to keep 51 thou. As long as they keep doing this I will sign up every year.

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